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Question regarding Air Superiority, Hubert?

Andre Bolkonsky

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Under previous patches, I learned the quickest way to establish air superiority was to pull up enemy fighters in interdiction roles over weakened targets; then pound the weakened air unit into the ether.

Theoretically, under the new patch, this is altered. Still completing a few games under the old patch, I am unable to install the new patch just yet.

Hubert, or anyone, can you please give me a heads up on the exact change which will be implemented in this new patch concerning Air Interdiction.

I assume under this new patch that fighters still rise to interdict the first air mission conducted in their sphere of influence automatically. What happens next, in regard to the patch changes?

By the way, I do understand it is impossible -- given the PBEM/Hotseat format -- to allow players to review Air Interdiction on an Attack-by-Attack basis. But, perhaps a toggle could be added to individual air units permitting, or not permitting, air interdiction the following turn. Or, a certain unit could be targeted for interdiction through a voluntary CAP system prior to the end of a players turn. Just a thought for future revisions of the code.

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As originally posted by Andre Bolkonsky:

Theoretically, under the new patch, this is altered.

It sure is. To add to what Bill has said, you cannot simply buy a whole passel of Air Fleets as before. With the new research paradigm, you simply cannot afford it, either as Allies or Axis.

Having played 4 or 5 games all the way to Russian surrender, I can tell you that the Axis aren't so invincible anymore, particularly if you enable Expert +1. smile.gif

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