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Weekly Turns? (scratches head)

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Good People,

I'm generally confused, I realize, but I'm particularly confused this morning concerning the turns. I read in the rules that the turns are:

Summer 1 week

Fall/Spring 2 weeks

Winter 1 month

This leads to the following breakdown, I think:

Month Turns

Dec 1

Jan 1

Feb 1

Mar 2

Apr 2

May 2

June 4

July 4

Aug 4

Sep 2

Oct 2

Nov 2

Total: 27

There is another thread that states that the year is 27 turns long (which I am in agreement with), but that each side only gets half of those turns, one side getting 13 and the other 14 , which vexes me greatly (I'm confused).

I would like to spare myself clicking through a "blank" game and recording the date-stamps of the turns, and it would be nice to be able to know how fast the calendar is moving along with the turns. So I'm asking of the smart people here:

Are turns alternate, rendering 27 total turns per year (13 and 14 per player: player turns), or are they sequential, rendering 27 game turns consisting of a total of 54 player turns (2 player turns equalling one game turn)?

Putting it another way, in the winter months would both players alternate getting one turn, causing the player who moves in December to also move in February, skipping January, or would they both get three turns, each moving once in each winter month?


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Are turns alternate, rendering 27 total turns per year (13 and 14 per player: player turns)
Bingo. I can't recall any other game which uses an alternating turn sequence like this, so Hubert wins a prize for originality here. It does create an interesting effect and more or less keeps the game on a historical timetable, like defeating France in several weeks rather than months.

Lack of seasonal effects and equal production for nonequal time periods causes me more head scratching than the turn sequence. I've suggested a relatively simple "tweak" to address both of these concerns - make production double in winter and halved in summer. This allows more activity during summer campaign seasons but burns up MPPs, so should encourage you to build up for your big offensives. Winters alternate with one player getting two turns of double MPPs and the other only one. This would be particularly helpful for the Allies to get the double winter during 41-42 following Barbarossa. This all sounds good to me and should work well without seriously changing the game, but I'm not hearing much support for it even as an option. Any interest at all from people to consider this more?

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Posting in support of same length turns and seasonal effects.

Generally not in favor of tweaking, but imho this is the single most vexing aspect of the game. I would love to have a change along the lines of what BillMacon suggests.

HC, Is there a downside to fixing this?

Hopefully this thread will encourage people to express their opinions one way or another....

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