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Tourney game: Condor vs Hellraiser


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turn 1

polish brkthr

allies dow ireland

Turn 2

LC and Poland conquered

french armies (probably HQ-ed) counteratack hitting the LC tank down to 2;

Turn 3

one fr army survives at str 1 :(

germans operate some more troops to west

4th LF commissioned

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June 30, Paris captured

July 7, France surrenders

RAF tries to kill a LF but it fails, carriers hit the tank near bordeaux - one carrier intercepted

no heavy pieces lost in France by axis (the army that Condor was talking about was perhaps a corps or something)

[ June 06, 2005, 06:25 AM: Message edited by: hellraiser ]

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july-august -> air battles over the channel

axis troops move into positions for invasions of vichy/norway

allies use the carriers/RAF to try to kill some LFs - don't work smile.gif

August 11, Vichy taken;

LF attack a BB near norwegian coast

LFs attack and sink a carrier in the channel - RAF did not intercept, only the other carriers smile.gif

UK suicides its air/carriers - both RAF (jets 1) lost, carriers a wreck

axis lose 2 AFs

Condor surrenders smile.gif

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He sunk 2 carriers and i killed 2 AF but my AFs were so understrengh that got killed in the attack also --->game over. I surrender.

I just went crazy with carriers, i did a good first attack but i committed the mistake to leave BB and carrier (3 hexes away) plus AF at his range. If i should have retreated well i could have given him a pain i nthe arse later with my 3 stars XP carriers.

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