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AAR : World L. (Iraq neutral) : Rambo (205:1050:4100) Condor -----------> RAMBO wins


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October 1939 (Axis turn #2):

1) Poland w/ Luftwaffen-1 paid off, they surrender on turn #2.

2) LC-Lite also is successful. Only problem, I didn't have a unit for Eastern Ardennes. I also put a German Army SW of Brussels, might as well, the Panzer was exposed.

3) Denmark pinged.

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1) French have done some minor counter attacks, but I've lost no units.

2) Germans also dished out damaged to the French...and then get a kill in First Blood Hex, but we don't enter it. Condor has Canadian Army waiting to land & headcrack my next lead unit.

3) Southern M-Line fortress hex is taken.

4) Denmark pinged.

5) Subs are done.

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January 1940 -

Wow, I spoke to soon. Condor agressively comes after me! Destroys a Panzer, and sends French Army forward to hurt my Luftwaffen stationed in Brussels down to strength-4 after destroying that Panzer.

Germans attack right back, Luftwaffen carve a whole in the line, 2nd Panzer blitzes all the way to Paris, attacking UK-Bomber! German Corp in Southern M-Line Fortress hex finishes off the Bomber. Damaged German Army moves South, I taking a chance.

Condor then sends everybody after my Panzer beside Paris & gets his 2nd kill of the game. Germans will counter.

Guess I need to buy another Panzer smile.gif

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March 1940 -

A great turn for the Nazi invaders. 4 Allied ground units are destroyed this turn, & a 5th cutoff. France is doomed. Darn near got that Canadian Army too.

Good thing I bought a new Panzer, I needed it for my huge attack to avenge his fallen master race brethren. I didn't bother with the French HQ, I'd rather have the Armies...Condor can be tricky, he might just look for a 3rd kill while the French fall.

[ January 14, 2004, 11:51 PM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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April 1940:

1) French HQ escapes as expected.

2) Germans decide to attack any UK/Canadian troops remaining, we kill 2 to be exact.

3) UK corp is still trapped in middle M-Line fortress hex.

I'm in no rush now, I'm sure Condor will try something, I'll be careful. Italy will join next turn.

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May 1940 -

1) France falls

2) Condor did kill a German Army with the help of a carrier from Western Seaport & RAF. RAF has also had a couple of intercepts applied to their strength, but not the carrier.

3) UK trapped corp is destoryed.

4) UK has at least 4 other corps in France, hopefully I can get 2 of them...One of them is strength-1.

5) Denmark was plundered a few turns ago.

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June 9.

France has just fell, but i still have some corps dewfending teh carrier in port, im still training the carriers in france, no other place to go.

Ive killed some armies and tank and inflicted damage but it wasnt a good defense, Poland and LC fell too quickly and Uk had no MPPs, next time i should consider to disband teh bomber, as i usually do, the bomber killed was a disaster...

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June 1940 -

1) Massive Air counter attack by RAF & 3-carriers. British/Canadian remain in both of the French Western ports. UK has killed their 2nd German Army.

2) Germans counter attack & sink a carrier. 2nd carrier is heavily damaged (couldn't intercept). 3rd carrier takes a hit. Both RAF base in England are intercepted.

3) Malta taken.

4) Algeria is Axis, but due to the heavy action in France, no invasion of Mainland Vichey is conducted.

5) German scientists are put to work.

6) Germans send their 2-cruisers & sub into the English channel, we can do naval combat too.

7) Italian battleship fighting one-on-one against UK-ship at the Rock.

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July 1940 -

1) UK is slugging it out. German Navy lost a crusier, other is strength-2. Sub is strength-3, Luftwaffen unit is destoryed.

2) UK lost a ship, & their last carriers, UK has no carriers.

3) Italians taking charge in the Med.

4) Canadians are blasted out of Breudeax, but they still have Brest.

[ January 15, 2004, 12:59 AM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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game saved, December 1940:

1) Norway is Axis.

2) No minors have joined.

3) Italian Navy has left the MedFront.

4) Suez Canal is Axis, but Allies have 2-corps protecting Alexandria.

5) UK is home, with no carriers, several sunk ships, & many damaged.

6) Germany Jets+1, UK ?

7) Germany has no Navy.

To be continued...

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1941 was quiet. A few combats here & there. Condor's Allied DOW on Spain was the biggest event of 1941. Germans did level London, upto Barbarossa, when UK marched troops back as the Luftwaffen backed off (carriers went to the East). MedFront is closed for business (Gibralter obviously taken). Iraq will be neutral for the game. Yugoslavia converted.

Visible tech:












Barbarossa kicked off in Late 1941, it was more like Balklans instead. Bulgaria & Hungary are plundered, attacked in numbers by Army Group South & Italy Army Group.

Ground invasion of Russia was somewhat weak. 4-Panzers & 4-Armies, I damaged a killed a few Russia Armies. I put one Panzer out of position to kill Russian Air in the North.

Naval Pieces are 2-Italian Gunboats, Italian Sub, & 2-German carriers are working the Northern Russian Coast.

[ January 17, 2004, 12:50 AM: Message edited by: jon_j_rambo ]

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Spring 1942 -

1) Russians try to invade a neutral Romania with some of those $5000 in MMPs. They do grab the Northern Oil, but not for long. Army Group South counter attacks, serveral Russian ground units are destroyed. Romania now pumps oil for the Axis.

2) In the North, Russia holds the Riga line. Panzer is cutoff & destroyed (one who killed Russia Air).

3) Center line is only a few hexes into Russia, but there is plenty of ground power. But Romania was the priority.

4) Allies spotted sniffing around Bergen.

5) Allies DOW Portugal as a no-plunder gift.

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i surrendered. UK couldnt fight without carriers and i tried to DoW on Spain to avoid Rambo getting minors and to see how the game could go but to no avail. Russia cant fight alone even with that high bid. A second front is necessary.

Rambo took Paris very early and he had teh tech advantage even tho he didnt have many troops.

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