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Lets get the old game right before we start a SC 2!


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What the hell makes vichy so tough?

I captured satalite states and when france fell I lost my italian army and corp.

one was in each colony!

why! why!!!

was vichy not a german ally!

get it right!

there should be a chance that vichy will ally with germany while france is still alive! aint that the ****t.

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I agree with you on this. But I would have posted it under a different heading, because I think the game is basically excellent (as I know you know, since you're playing it all the time).

And I will, because the Vichy rules are one seriously flawed issue in this game. Not only what you brought up, but also how the french get navies even after they've been sunk. I hope you don't mind that I bounce off your idea.

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