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Stacking and SC2

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Well fortunately I found out through an owner of Century of Warfare that it's XP friendly.

So yep I will pay 60 bucks to get a game I already own to play it on XP.

And if that isn't an endorsement of XP over crappy 98 nothing ever will be.

XP never crashes, and I forget what a blue screen looks like. XP sets up all my devices for me, 98 only gives me frustration no end.

The fact that 98 predates XP is the only reason a handful of games like it at all. And now that I can play Century of Warfare finally on XP, I have zero interest in 98.

Basically speaking, if the game won't run on XP, and it is neither Steel Panthers or Art of War, then it is immaterial how good it is to this gamer. Those two games are the only two games I will spend massive effort for.

Nothing else is good enough.

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