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Ranking Technologies

Iron Ranger

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'The ugly' see - Useless

HB - Totally useless, few people buy bombers and when you do the number of units is very limited

Sonar - Fundimentaly usefull only on Carriers as protection from subs, better to invest in GR and use your BB and BC as screening ships

Rockets - Covered in great detail in my other post - useless at low levels and better to spend money on air

"The Bad" - not required but usefull

HT - First of the 'combat 3' (incress Attack point, Defence Point and incress strength by 1). An ok tech but it quickly lose's its effectiveness against AT.

Subs - Useless for the allies as they can't raid with thier subs. A nice tech for the axis with the incressed 5% dive feature allows units to excape certian death sometimes and the +1 NA can make the sub into a carrier buster if it can slip by the escorting ships.

AA - A nice tech, worth throwing in one chit for Germany and maybe UK (USSR?). You get advances and incessed defence of resources without an incressed cost of any units

IT - A great tech for Germany, questionable for everyone else as the time to get back the cost of 250 MPPs could be the entire game.

"The good" - see Required

GR - Second of the 'combat 3'. A must have tech if you wish to fight for control of the sea's. Due to the shear expense of Naval units, if you can win naval battles the other side will never be able to replace its losses.

AT - The most extensive Tech as it effects all corps and army's. OK at lower levels but over powering by L3. 10% incress in Readness, 30% harder to kill a unit, each units is now 'tank buster' - only draw back is if you get the advances too fast, building your army could be cost prohibitive.

LR - This tech in combination with air supremancy

can 'break' the other player by allowing you to destroy his C&C centers (HQs) or other units in the rear that are reinforceing. A must for any nation with carriers (UK).

"The super Tech" - must have

Jets - Top tech and the final 'combat 3' tech. This baby effects three different units (Carriers, Air Fleets and Bombers) and is the only tech you MUST keep even (or ahead) with the other side if you wish to win. The bottom line is the side that controls the air is on the offensive, and the side on the offensive is winning! This tech is so important that if you wish to compeat plan on putting at least 4 and prefearable 5 chits down (read some of the posts from master Terif on this for verification). In truth I see SC as a game of econonmics and air supremancy. This side with the highest MPPs can build more units and the side with air supremancy is on the attack and destorying the other players units.

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My feelings are as follows:

1. Industrial Tech - All countries need to build units and this makes all units more affordable. However, because Italy and the UK are small and the USA and the USSR already have good IT, it is really only a must for Germany.

2. Anti-Tank - All countries have infantry units. This is a great and cheap defensive investment for all countries.

3. Jets - I really hate the emphasis on Air Fleets, but I can't put my head in the sand on this issue. This is a vital tech if one has an air force.

4. Anti-Aircraft - This is a great and cost-free partial defense to all aircraft. I believe that all countries, except the USA should put one research point here. The USA already has Level 1 AA and has more important things to do because of its late entry in the game.

5. Heavy Tanks - Tanks are great in manuever warfare and tough to kill when improved and in strength over 10. However, probably only Germany, the USSR and the USA have enough Tank units and MPP's to make this tech worthwhile.

6. Gun-Laying Radar - This is great for the UK and Italy, who have big navies.

7. Long-Ranged Aircraft - This is another cost free tech, except for carriers. This is a must have tech for the UK and its wonderful carriers. If one has a large air force, this tech is worth a one research point.

8. Rockets - I like rockets for Germany and for the USSR because they both start at Level 1 and they both can deploy rockets anywhere in continental Europe. All rocket attack factors increase with each tech increases. Rockets are the only units that can attack safely without damage. They are great for softening up entrenchments and forts.

9. Heavy Bombers - This tech has potential, but there are so many other better techs. One will only be able to afford a few expensive bomber units, assuming one has the air superiority to use them safely. Bombers are easy to counter with AA tech. However, bombers are much more useful than subs.

10. Advanced Sub - Subs are crippled in this game by being too expensive, too easy to find and are limited to such tiny surface raiding areas. Hunting subs is similar to shooting fish in a barrel. However, if one is determined to try sub warfare, this tech would be useful.

11. Sonar Research - Because anti-sub warfare is already so easy, this tech is not needed. Gunnery Radar provides more naval benefits. The one and only nice thing that I can say about this tech is that the sonar benefits are cost-free.

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Has anyone successfully won the Battle of the

Atlantic in human vs. human game as the Germans,

building only subs out of France?

Once I got lucky with a chit I put into subs

early in the game (vs. AI, albeit). A couple

more subsequent tech advances, and my 5 or so

subs had completely swept the Atlantic clean of

allied shipping by 1943.

John DiFool

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I've had a few opponents throw the British Fleet away peacemeal in the Baltic and Central Mediteranean (I've lost a lot of UK ships there myself as Allies) -- giving Germany the Atlantic by default.

When that happens I usually build some U-boats to ambush the pair of US BBs when they enter, then conduct SeaLion while fighting a defensive war against the USSR until I've got the UK conquered. Using that strategy it works out best to let Italy take control of Vichy, Yugoslavia, Greece and Iraq (if Germany conquers UK it also gets Egypt). That way the Italians can apply credible pressure hitting the Caucasus through the mountains. You'll need two HQs set in series from Baghdad to do that.

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