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Hubert - Research Screen


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Played two games this weekend. One as Axis and one as Allies.

I won the game as Axis and the research screen DID NOT show the enemy tech investments at the end.

I lost the game as Allies and the research screen DID show the enemy tech investments.

Very strange. Was this your intent?

On the AI front, something needs to be done about the U.S. constantly sending transports to their doom. When the U.S. Battleships are gone they need to build something to deal with the German subs, not just sit and waste points trying to get an army to England.

And I think you need to tweak the code a bit to prevent Italy from conquering Russia. I had to laugh when Germany got screwed by a Italian Corp jumping into the last Russian capital. Even the computer didn't know what to do with 5000 MPP's as the Italians. After that the Germans couldn't pull off a Sealion and I managed to hold out to the end. Still lost but I consider it a moral victory.


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