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TO ALL LADDER PLAYERS - lets dump the taranto gambit


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We should have a general concensus about the italian gambit (pre-emtive taranto invasion) - I dont think that a game glitch should be allowed to be exploited. Could we have an agreement that ladder games will exclude this cheesy move?? :confused:

I dont think its a part of these type of games, if its allowed it degrades the game, becuase you will play axis knowing that taranto WILL be invaded and the italians will be in trouble from the beginning, and there is no defense against it.

Maybe we should ask Hubert to add a patch that a coutry that is declared war upon is allowed to place its units? That would also take care of preplanned invasions that the invader already knows the setup?

just my 2 cents


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Bah if you wish to stop gamey moves then u can agree to those terms before a match but they will limit your ability to win.

All good axis players can and do extricate themselfs of The invasion in a reasonable length of time.

Basically all this move does is slow the AXIS advance which goes a long way to Scenerio BALANCE.

Now if you want a game KILLER then invade ROME. LOL

I can take it 48% of the time. Not high enough to make it a viable strategy as of yet. tongue.gif

AND why do people always yell for a patch when a scenerio can be EDITED? BTW I don't think it's set in stone that you have to use 39 scenerio for the ladder. Why not try the 40 if the 39 bothers u?

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