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Rules of conduct on this forum


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We would like to remind everybody that this forum is for discussion about game-related issues only, for forum regulars as well as for new players. As much as we like to see a community around the game, personal messages have no place here, as do any off-topic posts. As a reminder to everybody:

- game related posts, questions and discussions, AARs and, if you want, league standings belong here. Discussion about WWII strategic and/or historical topics are allowed, as long as they relate to the game somehow.

- game challenges (general or to individuals) belong in the Opponent finder forum

- support and tech questions belong in the SC Tech support forum

- everything else goes into the General Forum or doesn't belong here at all; if you need to exchange private messages, use email, ICQ or what not.

- posting pictures is tolerated as long as it's on topic and within limits

- posting profanity will result in an immediate ban

For the time being, the admins will enforce the forum rules strictly. Anybody not conforming to those rules will be banned without warning. Email one of the moderators if you are not sure about posting certain content. This forum is a place for *everybody* to exchange their thoughts and opinions about the game, and this set of simple rules are in place to ensure that the general atmosphere here allows old and new members to do this in a mature, friendly and comfortable surrounding.


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