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Hey there,

I recently acquired SC after checking out this forum and have some questions:

( i have downloaded the patch v1.06)

Playing as axis i have a hard time driving the Russians back.I can't seem to get their cities and resources.

My game goes as follows:first poland,they surrender mostly in turn 2.I declare war on Denmark and Low countries in turn 2.By aug 1940 i break through the French lines and 1 or 2 turns later the Low countries surrender.Then i declare war on Hungary,Romania and Bulgaria.The Italians come in to help and the French surrender soon after that.After a while I win over Hungary,Romania and Bulgaria and I attack Greece with the Italians.

Anyway once the Russians come in,I can keep them at bay but can't seem to get a clear advantage over them.

Is this because I fail to invade Scandinavia first or is it something else?

Is it important to build up air fleets to defend France and the Low countries from UK and US?

Iwould greatly appreciate it if someone could give me some tips.

Then something else:Have any of you "serious" ;) wargamers played HOI yet?If so how "bad" ;) is it?

Did you like EU2?

Okay tanx for answering!

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Welcome Kurt88 to the SC Forum-I'm a nOOb as well, so I'm no expert on this game; however I believe , if I read your post correctly, that you invaded Hungary, Rumania, and Bulgaria as the Axis. For what it's worth, I would recommend against this strategy as these three countries will join you voluntarily, which will give you about six-eight free units. I used the minor allies and Italy to take Yugoslavia, thereby allowing me to concentrate my build-up for the invasion of Russia with German troops. In another thread I was reminded to use all my forces which came in handy in capturing Riga, as I had totally ignored my two cruisers in the Baltic before this post.

The Russian campaign, from my perspective, is very thrilling to undertake and the AI is, in my opinion, very capable.

Once again Welcome to the Forum, I think you will find the people here are the best and more than willing to help.

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There are many AXIS's Strategy's but here are some SC Political facts to keep in mind!

The Following Minors will fall into your Camp

Hungary - Rumania - Bulgaria(this will depend on what minors you attack(Example - Spain is not a good minor to attack if you want these minors on your side as the AXIS!)

The Following Country will go Pro-Allied(so do not attack it)

Yugoslavia - This will save you the US and Russian Entry cost as the AXIS

The Following Minors Advance US Entry the Fastest when Attacked by AXIS

Spain - Norway - Canada(when Canda is attacked Auto Entry for US!) - Greece - Yugoslovia

The Following Minors Advance Russian Entry the Fastest when Attacked by AXIS

Sweden - Greece - Turkey - Yugoslovia - Baltic States(Auto Russian Entry?)

Any Declaration of War by the Allies is always Negative so best not do so till Russia and the US are at war with the AXIS

Important Political actions to consider when declaring War as either AXIS or ALLIED on Minors - Italian Entry, US Entry and Russian Entry will be affected either Positive or Negative (good idea to keep track of your actions and watch the effect it has on Major Power Entry!)

Italy will join AXIS, but, what advances their Entry?

When Germany Conquers Minors it has Declared War upon - each Conquered Minor will advance Itailian Entry by 5

When German units are Next to Paris - (I have seen this Advance as much as 20 per turn!)

When Germany Conquers France - Automatic Italian Entry

These are the Politcal Facts as I know them for SC

If anybody disagrees please correct.


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One good thing to do as Axis invader, is to insure that you knock out the 2 Russian tanks that are poised just behind the front lines.

Make sure that you have enough firepower on the Axis line (... more experienced Armies than corps, and backed by high-rated HQs such as Manstein and Kesselring) so that you can blow a sufficient sized hole in the Russian front.

Then, you will have at least 4 Panzers, or 2 designated Air Fleets for each missing Panzer, which will blitz through the opening you have just made and smoke the 2 Russian tanks (... exposed either by long-range Strategic Bomber recon, or by fast advancing German corps).

Almost always you will knock the Russian tanks out with merely Panzers; you will have sufficient sized tanks left so to absorb any counter-attack. Also, move a few corps up to protect the armor flanks and prevent 3-4 hexside attacks on your now vulnerable Panzers. Very occasionally you will have to send in the tank-busting Air.

Once the Russian tanks - a potential offensive threat in any possible future, is removed, Finland will probably not require dispatching an Axis HQ and ground units to Helsinki (... if necessary anyway, be sure to sink both Russian fleets on the first or second turn after invasion).

Now, Russia is reduced to static defender, and has very little in the way of counter-attack capability.

Next, you MUST get the first 5 cities in the Scarlet Arc as fast as is possible. Focus fiercely and utterly on taking Odessa, Riga, Kiev, Minsk and Smolensk, along with the 3 mineral resources in the vicinity.

Forget any other ploys or straggling units or partisans, except: destroy any reduced-sized unit if possible, since it costs an awful lot more to build from scratch, than to reinforce.

Once all of this is accomplished, then you can rest & refit and hoist a high toast to Odin and prepare for the eventual onslaught of the beserker Siberians. smile.gif

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AXIS Strategy's vary from player to player.

If you read the Forum past Posts there are good AXIS Strategy's already posted covering this topic but do keep in mind these are all pre v1.06 but should still be considered valid. When v1.06 came out it's intentions were to address SC pgm issues and help with play balance.

The main point to the SC game for the AXIS is to conquer Allied Major powers so it's up to you to decide on what strategy bests suits you.

I will list some AXIS Options to consider;


  • Sea Lion Option - Invasion of UK</font>
  • Barbarrosa Option - Invasion of Russia</font>
  • Turkey Option - Invasion of Turkey which leads to Babarrosa Option</font>
  • Spain Option - Invasion of Spain (This will help Italy into containing the Med and propel Itself into attaining more MPP's(Downside US Entry really jumps up per turn)!)

All of these options have there own Strategy's and most can be found on the Forum.

I myself have not tried the Turkey option nor the Sea Lion Option so I really could not comment on them.


Also one more thing I meant to add is this, Play both sides to get a better understanding of each sides strengths and weaknesses. This also will help in planning your own grand strategy for either ALLIED or AXIS .

[ January 07, 2003, 03:57 PM: Message edited by: 82ndReady ]

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To 82ndReady & Immer Etwas-Anybody who says that nOObs are not treated with warmth by this forum just needs to read your replies in this post. For you to take the time and effort to post such detail without screaming "Do a Search" is to be applauded and I for one wish to express my thanks.

This forum is one of the best I have seen (many moons as a lurker) and you are one of the reasons it will remain #1.

[ January 07, 2003, 04:48 PM: Message edited by: Jim Boggs ]

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