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Poll at Firebase about SC2


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I wonder Kurt if the developers have finally realised that the old wargamers who play SC wont be interested in a non hex based game and have stopped the poll. Hopefully they will soon work out that the Civilisation players who enjoy a tile game wont play a WW2 game and maybe, just maybe there is still hope for a proper WW2 game from Battlefront that actually improves SC

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It appears Firebase folded from lack of interest.

If enough people want an SC / BF / Wargame site where they would be able to post things too off-topic / off color for the official BF Location I'd be glad to set it up as a companion site to The Writing Club.

The problem is Firebase went for days at a time without a single post. That's baffling onsidering all the people who asked Comrade to set it up and the great job he did in creating it.

Anyone interested in a new game / AAR site should click below and list their name at that post.

< Interested in new SC oriented game site? Click here. >

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