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Dalmatian Partisan vs Hellraiser - AAR


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The bet is: avoiding the asskicking promised by DL smile.gif

First game, I take axis:

Turn 1

polish breakthru

subs raiding

denmark dow-ed


Turn 2

LC and Poland surrender, Denmark corps survives at str 1

subs still raiding

Ireland dow-ed by UK pirates

[ February 21, 2005, 01:01 PM: Message edited by: hellraiser ]

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one french army on the M line killed, another one just behind survives at str 1 :(

German have 2 M line hexes now

french corps wasted in LC

army reduced at 7 in LC

German baltic fleet attack and hit a uk BB to 4 and a carrier to 5 (RN task force that hunted down a sub near northern england)

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May 40:

Canadian brothers destroyed or cutoff-canadian corp defended the french mine bravely , but they had no chance attacked by 3 AF, tank group and a corp-so thier brothers holding the last resort of maginot line are cutoff...

- meanwhile 1 german tank is destroyed NE of Paris

- France still has 4 ground units

- Ireland bombarded again

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