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The obvious decreasing interest for many old core SC-players and some disputes occured in the past time made me think about how one can improve the current situation...making eventually rejoin lost cracks and providing more fun for new members.

I like the idea of having a league. But the result there is distorted because of several reasons.

A fair solution where we dont´t need any challenge system, where inactive (for the moment) players not loosing their current positions, where you dont jump 10 places when you have a lucky win against a top player......would be a system like in the soccer league.

Why we don´t create a league similar to a soccer league?

- we start the season on one certain date

- duration is one year

- 2 or more leagues (premier league, 1st division)

- possibiltiy to promote

- 3 points for win, 1 point for draw

- at least 2 games against every opponent

- masterplayoff system ?

- additional Cup-games (like the current one)

- predefined houserules

- TCIP and PBEM playability

...only to state some of the major points.

This league can be played beside to the already existing Zappleague and PBEM League.

To mention again some of the advantages maybe there are even more...

- everybody has to play ag all other participants

- no challenge system

- no time pressure (one year is enough time)

- the winner of the championship is the real and the only one champion

- TCIP and PBEM playability

- people will not loose interest when loosing their first one or two games

- houserules will deny the use of bugs

- interesting game statistics for everyone

- heavy fights also in the lower league (s) due to the possiblity to promote

Hopefully everyone can follow my ideas and especially my bad english :D .

I know this league would mean a lot of work for the people running it. I´m not a computer guru and my sparetime is not unlimited but i would be happy to participate into this project.

Your Opinion?

Cheers Dragonheart

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I don't think a new league would get any of the players that have left to come back. They left (or were banned) for a completely diffrent reason which I have already voiced my opinion in another thread, it really isn't because of a loss of interiest. Although I'm glad you are concerned about what is going on.

I see your point about a new league, but I got to disagree. What you propose was discussed around April when our first ladder fell apart. The first ladder was done on the forum using a new sticky thread every month and was not done on a ladder site. It was a good start and we had fun with it but it eventually failed.

The problem with what you suggest is that it would be too competitive for SC gaming, most people play SC for fun and not to be competitive.

The great thing about Z-League is that you can play who you want, when you want. If I wanted to play a Z-League game right now, I would just post in the "Opponent Finder Forum" and would probably find another SC member who plays on Z-League rather quickly. I don't have to worry about who I have to play and things like that.

If someone wants to play only lower players that’s fine, but they wouldn't really climb the ladder. Lucky, to my knowledge, no one does that.

Z-League for the most part is just a way to keep track who is ranked what. It feels good to win a game and see that you've been bumped up a rank or two. If you lose, it’s no big deal.

Comrade Trapp

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