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Campaigns anyone?


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Since I am such a poor SC player, I do not think that I could properly test the campaigns that I have made, so I was wondering if any would be interested in testing/having them.

The first one is 1940: Total War. A what-if scenario of Russia backstabbing Germany while it's commited in France. It's incredibly hard for Germany to prevail, but I believe it's possible

Next is 2027: Ascension Part 1 which is basicly a war between Europe and the U.S. Although it is hard to win as the Axis, Terif has been able to beat me in it.

Finally, 2031: Ascension Part 2 which is basicly a Russian invasion of Europe after the war in Part 1. This one, although old, has not been properly tested either.

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Great Ideas, I especially like the Stab in the Back 1940 premise.

Unfortunately I'm beyond being booked and already assisting with a few new campaings in development and bogged down with two of my own that need revision.

Good Luck. With good ideas like those I'm sure you'll get responses.

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TC --

Don't get worked up, everyone is either off on vacation or out fishing. This is the wrong time of year to expect real responses, things will get more lively during the late fall.

You might want to consider posting this in the Opponent finder. Keep it exactly as you've got it worded here. A lot of people go there who never come to this area and one of them might want to try something new.

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Stab in the back.

I can offer to look at the Soviet Order of Battle if you'd like. Maybe even play test it against the AI.

I just don't get time to play often. Work, life, Girlfriend plays Sims (worse now with new Superstar expansion), and reenacting.

Of course I'm always available to help with anything soviet. Then I can justify the time spent as research. :D


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I had time to play this most interesting scenario last night. Took it from it's start date to Sept 1941. Might get some more time to play this weekend depending on the weather.

I played the AI as the axis. Remembering you had said this was most challenging for them. Thank god I didn't set it to Expert +2. You weren't kidding.

I hadn't looked at it in the editor yet to check troop strengths. I just wanted to play it out once as the Axis and once as the Allies to see how it flowed.

Very fascinating to say the least. I found it interesting that you had given the Red Army Warsaw aleady and had both sides troops in the east damaged. Like they had fought a turn or two before the human player comes into it. May I ask why you did this instead of just starting them out at the 1940 border?

Not that I think this was bad, just wondering the rational behind it. The damaged Red Army units were easy to slay with the support of Rommel/Kesselring HQ's in poland.

First thing I found of importance is for Germany to stabilze the east. I quickly blitzed the russians out of poland and then parked on the 1939 Russo/Polish border. This was were I was going to build the wall. With Rumania not in it yet I found the small front easier to defend.

Then I began disbanding things like the V-2's, naval units, and an air fleet. The generous 5 research points were turned into MPP also.

With this cash bounty I re-strengthened the units in the east and began the long battle for france. It was a slugging match until I bashed my way into paris in Oct 1940.

Disbanding all those items was the only way I was going to have the MPP for fighting on two fronts. The Russians built and built and built and kept hammering in the east. I needed the mpp to keep the wall strong.

Once france fell I sent those units east to begin the offensive. Because it took so long in france Russia built a lot and I couldn't kill them all.

Then Rumania joined the axis. That broke the eastern front wide open. Able to go around the red hoards along the polish border I quickly dispatched the frontline red army units and have pocketed Minsk and Smolensk while taking Riga, Leningrad and Odessa.

I shut it down last night with the coming of the Siberian Transfers. I'll play this out for a while longer and see how it goes.

Then I will run the Allies and then Hotseat. So I will have more info later. Those are just my intial impressions.

Overall It's good. I found it challenging yet not a lost cause.

More playtesting to come.


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Yes, I did intend for the fight in both the East and West to have been going on for a small amount of time. I made those Russian units weaker, due to casualties they would have suffered pushing the Germans back, which is reasonable, considering how weak the army was then.

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Update on some more testing. I finished out the aformentioned game. It played out standard after that above post. AI agressively trying to land in France. German and Italian units running coast to coast to block. I ended it with Germany defeating the USSR in 1943. Moved on.

Tried it as the allies and it was "squish germany like a bug" fest. After rebuilding the Red Army after the initial german attack killed a bunch of units. Crushed them. Germany was down by May 1941. Of course the turn germany surrendered Italy joined the axis and prolonged the game.

Noticed that Italy starts out as 0% readiness. Is this to reflect the premise that Il Duce would be cautious about joining the pact with the germans when they are engaged in a two front war? Good premise.

Now it's being tested as hotseat. I'll let you know how it goes on that.

The scenario as it is written is extremely challenging for the germans. In a head to head against two evenly matched players I can't see germany winning. It just doesn't have the MPP to fight on two fronts. It might be a great scenario for un-matched players. To poorer player as the allies and the better player as the germans.

As the allies, it was kinda boring. Just steamroll germany into the ground.

I truly enjoyed the game playing the germans. I found it challenging to hold in the east while defeating france. You have to balance the MPP's just right. I'm sure on expert +2 it will make the german tear their hair out.

Still testing more when I get time to putz with it.

Now that college is about to start back up here again the local weekend gaming group should be available to playtest it a couple times too.

Thumbs up so far. Good alternate history.

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I have a problem I need help with. Not only did I manage to trash this guy's email so I can't email him, but once I dropped his scenerio into my campaigns folder, I now get a message that "one of my campaigns is corrupt.." (or something similar), and I no longer have more than about 5 campaigns to choose from!!

Anybody else had a similar problem??


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