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axis subs

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The surface raiding ranges for subs are: St. John's (Canada) 7 hexes, Liverpool (UK) 5 hexes, Gibraltar (South of Spain, East side only) 4 hexes, Malta (Island South of Italy) 4 hexes and Alexandria (Egypt) 4 hexes. No other sea hexes do any damage.

Supply levels do affect damage. But sub supply levels are very important in the Atlantic while in the Mediterranean sub raiding supply is almost irrelevant.

Multiple Atlantic subs in an area do damage for each sub. Only one sub can do damage per area in the Mediterranean (Med). However multiple subs in one Med area will each get experience points.

Tech Level 0 Bombers spot subs 5 hexes away. Tech Level 0 Air Fleets spot subs at 4 hexes and Tech Level 0 carriers will spot at 3 hexes. Any Long-Range Aircraft Tech advances increase the spotting ranges. All other units, naval or ground, must be adjacent to spot subs.

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