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Axis invasion of Turkey.


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I'm sure you vets have done it.

In how many turns have you taken this country?

And I gather you do so only after all Allies are in the war?

This is virtually a Tank invasion from the middle east right?

Terif might just do that against me since we are at a point where the option is more than feasible.

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Never invaded Turkey before?No problem.

I wouldn't call myself a veteran but I'm not a rookie either and I always invade Turkey when I'm playing as the axis.

Turkey has, as you'll probably have noticed, 3 cities with in each of them a corps protecting it. The rest of the Turkish army consists out of 2 corpses( starting in the 2 hexes at the Greek-Bulgarian border if you're invading them as the Axis and at the Russian border if you're the allies)and one army.

The fastest way to defeat the country is indeed a tank assault from the Middle East.Don't bother with conquering the 2 other cities, just destroy the army and head straight to Ancara.Try to avoid the mountains as much as you can because they'll slow you down like hell and are a disaster for supplying.If you can,(If you have an air fleet available)take Ancara with air support.

Like this I've conquered the country in about 5 or 6 turns.

Also, if you are already at war with Russia there will be a cruiser in the Black Sea that will now have acces to the Medditerranean.And you should look out for an attack out of the Caucasus in the Middle East while your troops are taking Ancara.

If you don't have control over the MidEast, try an amphibious landing because otherwise taking Istanbul will take a very long time.

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