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How to use the arrows to get to suez


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Not for ships but for ground units using transport; place one on an arrow and at the end of the turn it starts the journey around Africa.

Early versions of the game didn't have those arrows there.

If you place a naval unit on one it will remain there, just as it would on any other ocean hex.

*** It works for the Allies. If the Axis controls Suez I assume it would work the same way for their units if using the arrows, though I've never tried it and don't know for sure if it would happen the same way. It shouldn't, really, as the Axis wouldn't control Sierra Leone or South Africa, so those Axis transports would have a tough time along the way! ;)

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You can use the arrows in the Atlantic only to transport ground units to Suez. Ships can not use the Suez canal. And its a one-way transfer.

You simply have to move a transport on an arrow, then it dissappears with a message and the land unit will reappear near Suez 4 turns later.

If Allies loose Suez in the meantime, the transport will return to the Atlantic some turns later, so you dont loose your units you sent via Suez, if Axis destroys the Suez transport loop.

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