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AAR:: ISCL : SC Classics duels: Condor Vs Rambo (rambo losses)

Codename Condor

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Condor (allies) vs Rambo (axis)

Bid 245


Incredible victory over rambo. Rambo surrenders before Barbarossa in a showing-off allied game.

Axis took Poland and Denmark in turn 3 and LC in turn 2. Axis subs sunk a Uk cruisier in turn 2 also. Everything looked fine for old-timer Johnny J. but allies tried the 2 AFs strategy to defend france adn a swarm of french corps. The french campaign finished and the germans suffered heavy casualties: 3 corps+1 tank+2 subs , another sub damaged and his AFs hevily damaged.

After the french campaign every ship, AF and carrier attacked the ports in Brest and LC and got 4 stars carriers very soon in the game. Even tho Romania+Hungary joined very soon in the game (december) he really went for the strategy of not attacking Spain and try to invade Uk in Barbarossa but allies didnt let axis to gain enuff MMPs.

After getting LR and jets level 1, rambo was losing AF after AF after his last try in May 1941 when he attacked with everything and got killed...everything.

UK was terrific. Never in my life i had seen Uk played so aggresive. Attacking EVERY turn since the very beginning. Im sure Kuni cant say this has been gay :D .

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