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Ode to BTS

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Here I sit demo a playing.

Every day to the mailman I fly, hands folded praying.

Reading the posts gazing at mods,

downloading scenarios, begging the gods.

The Valley of Trouble is burned onto my screen.

All of those who wait with me, you know what I mean.

Maneuver, attrition, the HELL you say,

those without games just want to play!

My wife is telling me my mood is real bad.

My friends have been saying I look pretty sad.

My desire to own this product of fame,

is driving me crazy I admit without shame.

BTS hear us, the retched without.

Relieve us the pain of a mailbox to scout.

Copy some disks and a manual of HTML

Use FTP and remove us from a living hell.

Our pleas are a din you must not ignore.

To your conscience I beseech and implore.

Check the back room, examine the trash.

I'll pay extra, to hell with the cash!

In content and research your are number one.

The demo has given me two tons of fun.

In distribution I fear you rate barely a ten.

Send me the game I'll rate you again.


Winning is why we play!

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