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Westwall AAR (no spoilers). Think positive !

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We are pleased to report that we have managed to breach the Westwall, to a depth of over a hundred meters, in spite of skilful and tenacious German resistance. We also achieved the aim of inflicting severe and morale lowering ammunition depletion among the enemy, and our men gave a fine display of fighting spirit and steadiness under fire, only breaking when absolutely necessary, after repeated exposure to small arms and direct artillery fire. Indeed, for green troops, several units behaved surprisingly well.

Several bunkers with anti-tank assets were located, confirming reports from a previous failed attack in this sector. In spite of continous anti-tank fire, which eliminated one tank (fortunately only the 105mm support Sherman) a strong enveloping element (including an engineer platoon along with flamethrower support) was launched on the right side of the battlefield. It managed to secure a foothold on the right flank, thus opening the possibility of rolling up the line of bunkers defending the hill in the center of this sector.

Unfortunately, during manoeuver, fire from the bunkers, and a mistimed 155mm barrage fired a little too wide, inflicted some losses on the flanking element (mostly support elements such as bazookas, flamerthrowers and mortars, so that the strike force remained largely intact). A freak lucky potshot from a bazooka type weapon, fired at extreme range from the German position, also put our Sherman Crocodile out of action, as it was manoeuvering into a flanking position. This at least had the effect of relieving the enveloping element of a factor for delay, since the Crocodile was progressing only slowly in a copse at the foot of the dominant hill.

Undaunted, the infantry forces pressed forward in wooded terrain, but stumbled into unexpectedly strong resistance on the part of the enemy. In reaction, attacks were launched in other sectors of this front, namely the central and the left sector, with tank and mortar support. These attacks were conducted as classic frontal infantry assault, in the finest tradition, and elements of one of these attacks actually managed to reach the German positions, in spite of the loss of the supporting Sherman and withering machine gun fire. These attacks successfully achieved their aim of decoying and confusing the enemy as to the main axis of our offensive.

While the main thrust by the flanking element on the right was fighting its way forward, several enemy units, which had probably fallen back during our 155mm barrage, reemerged to take our flanking element in the flank. As all infantry assets were either engaged or recovering from the frontal attacks against the enemy line, the enemy's flanking units were resolutely engaged by the command unit of the company. Armed only with pistols, carbines and Garand rifles, the Major and his command unit engaged and drove off several squads of Volkgrenadier, though they ultimately were overwhelmed and a squad pulled from the firing line to rescue the Major came too late. We wholeheartedly recommend that the major be considered for a posthumous Medal of Honor.

The enemy rashly counterattacked our flanking element: one unit of Volkgrenadier came close enough to eliminate the Company's last bazooka team, but was successfully driven off after that. One Engineer Unit, though severely reduced in the firefight and under fire from several directions, actually fought its way to one of the anti-tank bunkers, and destroyed it with satchel charges, before being repelled with losses and engaging in precipitate, though agressively conducted, withdrawal in the face of enemy fire.

In conclusion, our company has carried out its duty, by "doing its utmost to raise hell with the enemy". We have left this sector of the "Siegfried Line" reeling with the blows we dealt it, and, if not reinforced, it will fall like a ripe fruit if another effort is directed at it. Our only complaint is that the air force gave us only desultory support, and is directly responsible for our planning and fighting spirits not achieving even better results.

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at least you didnt mention the bodycount.

i like the phrasing too: confirmed reports of AT assets...



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