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CM 1.1, OS 9.1, and Open GL 1.2.1: test results

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I just got done with testing 1.1 on a Power Mac G4/500 with OS 9.1 and Open GL 1.2.1.

CM 1.1 is stable. No problems were found under 9.1

I do not know if CM talks to the Open GL drivers, but the new video card drivers in the Open GL pack make trees and small object appear a bit more crisp.

TCP-IP work on an Ethernet between two G4s as advertised. It also worked between a G4 and a Dell Optiplex.

Summary-- For the hard core CM player, upgrading to 9.1 is no big deal. In fact, 9.1 itself is rock stable and has some nice new features.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by GriffinCheng+:

Hey Slappy,

Do you download the 9.1 upgrade? If so how long did it take? TIA.

I am interested also if OpenGL is used by CM 1.1.



You download 9.1. On my T1 it took like 8 minutes for all 100mb of it. Asia has a Chinese mirror site in Hong Kong which may or may not be as fast.

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