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That's right! If you show your face around here, you schizophrenic, loonybird, one-minute-I'm-happy-sappy-the-next-minute-I'm-Curt-Freakin'-Cobain face around here again, I'LL KILL YA!

PS - It was either this or suicide. And frankly, suicide kills.

PPS - Come back to the Pool, boy, we loves ya!

And all the rest of you, what're you lookin' at! Get outta here and go post about the inaccuracies of the M87 Porta-Pottie as modeled in CM!!!



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Guest KwazyDog

Errrm, ooook Elijah, hope that relived a little stress. Ima going to lock this one up though, as we all know where its headed smile.gif


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