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screen resolution

luigi foffano

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Hi everybobody !

I'm a newbie for TacOps, coming from other PC wargames. I choose it for a beutiful sensation when i plaied the demo.

But noe it's the question. I play on a screen 1240*1024 ( i think) resolution, and when the map appears it covers only an half screen. i would have it on a full screen, for a better choice ( my troops and OPFOR are too small to look at them well!)

Is there a chance to change to full screen option ?

Thank you for answering

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All TacOps maps are done at the same scale of one hundred pixels per UTM 100 meter grid square (one screen pixel per ten meters). Thus, if a map is only a few kilometers wide then it is not going to fill up a monitor. It was never my intent that a small map should zoom so as to always fit the available screen space. My design intent is for all TacOps maps to be presented at the same scale (given the user's preferred screen resolution) and that TacOps act as a cooperative, windowed application rather than as one that highjacks/changes the user's desktop settings. The overwhelming majority of TacOps users prefer it to work the way that it does.

You could temprorarily change the resolution setting on your monitor before running TacOps.

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