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Things I love about this game...

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I'm sure this topic has been done to death but I can't stop myself...

- I love seeing the enemy pound a position I've either vacated, or never was at with his arty. Every miss is poetry.

-I love when the off-board arty fires smoke missions, 'cause I know "here it comes", and every smoke round is one less that goes "BOOM" on my head. Rhapsody.

-I love a good flamer ambush, nothing like watching a squad run off with hot feet. LOL.

-I always try to cover my obstacles with direct fires, but I love it when you can hear but not see, (night/fog), a good, "oh my leg!!" when the opfor hits your minefield. You hear the mine go off. You know they are there, you don't know how many but they are there. Sweet anticipation.

-You know they are gonna slide right by that zook/shreck and don't see it. Come to papa baby. WHAM. Oh the humanity. smile.gif

-Tons more I can't think of right now. Man what a game!!


Are meteoriods any kin to hemorrhoids?

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