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Question on Main Interface Buttons

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On the screen bottom interface buttons, Is there a way to modify the amount of motion that clicking the buttons has? I find at ground level that the screen will jump left and right a whole screen width. I hate using the keyboard arrow keys.

I wonder if something like panzer elites right click "grab", where you hold down the right button on the mouse and move the screen can be used.


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Guest herbjorn

I showed cm to a friend of mine. He enjoys strategy games, but he is also fairly good at quake. He commented that he would have liked to have a free-form movement a la quake with "fly enabled", that is point the cursor at an area and give some gas with the "forward" key.

The way I see it, there could be a toggle mode, once "toggled", the cursor would be "locked" in the middle of the screen. Then you`d use the arrow keys to sidestep and move forward/backward whilst navigating with the mouse.

In the case you`re describing Lewis, that would mean you could "toggle lock", point your mouse to the left (the cursor always in the middle of the screen) and press forward. Once you were at the destination, you`d just turn right and "toggle off".

This would effectively replace the x,y navigation at preset hight levels, with


Would it be a big coding job BTS?

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