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"Some of the TRUE NAMES are BIG MACS and some are SMALL FRIES. Much larger

points are awarded for exposing the BIG MACS, but some points are available

for SMALL FRIES. BIG MACS are famous people on the Internet--people that no one

would expect have snakes and tentacles, or have media stories written about

them. Massive points are awarded for BIG MAC exposures."

what the hell does this signature mean?


"Well then private, it must be sh*t. Good thing we didn't step in it."

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Doesn't mean much Jadayne, I'm afraid. It's a quote from a paper written by a hacker detection paranoiac group. I got a chuckle out of it and some parts can be taken to infer PBEM type stuff... other than that, nada. I've

referenced the website it's from, if you want more info.

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