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'All or Nothing' scenario (ALLIED SPOILER)

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Has anyone else noticed that the as-shipped 'All or Nothing' scenario by Kwazydog has some probs? The AI can't really play the Allies at all but the scenario doesn't mention that a human should really play the allies. To kwazydog if you read this: It can really be a great scenario with some minor updates and the map is awesome as-is (allied AI can't handle it tho).


One other problem: German briefing mentions that a tractor which can relocate the 88mm is on the way...but 88 flak can't be mounted to a vehicle during battle. This leads me to believe that when you were beta-testing and making the scenario, at one time you COULD relocate 88 flak. I actually tried to hitch it up before I remembered it was impossible...hehe.


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Guest KwazyDog

Hiya Renaud,

I agree with both your points smile.gif

I actually made some changes to the text but unfortunately didnt get them in in time to make it onto the CD as I was so busy with models and textures at the time. If time permits I will update it along with some other fixes and place it on CMHQ for download.

I did find that the AI played a lot better if I took out the bridge just before the town (wooden bridge) but that took away options for the allied player if I did so, as the German player knows exaclty where to defend.

I would actually suggest saving that one for a human opponent, its a hell of a fight smile.gif. Ive played it about 15 times now against a human opponent.

Thanks for the thoguhts Renaud.

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