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A Knight's Cross for this man!

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I was playing a scenario I downloaded off the internet. It was a HUGE combined arms battle that has massive numbers of troops for the Allies advancing into crack SS territory. Well I was being the Germans, and I had a real hero. The Amis were advancing into my town at top speed, overrunning my men with sheer numbers. I had an artillery observer in the 2nd floor of a church along with a HMG42. On the bottom floor was an SS Rifle Team. Most of my town was getting taken over, so I ordered the artillery man to call the stuff in on himself. The Americans were fiercely trying to stop him, but the Riflemen were holding them off, but eentually fell. They then were trying to knock out the MG42, but it was massacring waves of them. Finally, the arty came in all around my men. The Americans were shattered, diving for cover in the light buildings, which soon lit on fire. After a minute of bombardment, the church started taking hits. The MG42 team was routing but the spotter stayed. He even continued to call in the fire when an American rifle team rushed upstairs to close range fight him. The church then caught on fire, killing everyone inside as it collapsed. I counterattacked with my survivors that retreated when the Americans rushed us, and found only about a platoon of Amis left, when they attacked with 2 companies.

He saved the day for my men.

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