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Logistics Package

John Osborne

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I would like to get a discussion going on the amount of points a log pack should be for resuppling units.

For my up coming CPX “Into the Fire” I will have the conceptual supply points set at 0 and have the players rely on the use of Logistics Package for resupply of ammo. The units will have their basic load at the start of the battle.

I also know that to use the log packs your unit must be located within 200 meters.

My question is how much should the Log Packs percentage points should be? I know that the max percentage is 30,000 supply points. And the default is set for 5,000 supply points. I don’t want the log pack to have too much points or too little for it to be of any use.

All units have at least 50% ammo levels. For this example, I’m using the LAV25 IFV.


Cannon 25mm, 650 rounds, 100%

MG 7.62mm Coax, 1000 rounds, 100%

MG 7.62mm, 1600 rounds, 100%

Rifle 5.56mm M16, 900 rounds, 100%

In the TacOps Unit Wpns DB 030525b Excel spreadsheet, to resupply a Cannon 25mm with 100 rounds it will take 20 points, which for 650 rounds will take about 135 supply points from the log pack and for the MG 7.62mm Coax it states that it will take 1 point for 100 rounds, so to resupply for 1000 rounds it will take 10 supply points. For the MG 7.62mm it will take 1 point for 100 rounds so again to resupply for 1000 rounds it will take 10 supply points. And for the Rifle 5.56mm M16 it will also take 1 point for 100 rounds and again to resupply for 1000 rounds it will take 10 supply points. Now to add all that up it will be 165 supply points just for 1xAPC, LAV25 IFV

Is this how it has to be done? Is there an easier way of doing this? Do I have to go and calculate for all the units in one Company, one Battalion and up to set the log packs? Again I don’t want to set it to the max, for that would give the impression of unlimited ammo. And don’t want to set it too low for the unit to not be able to fight.

Would the points be different by how the log packs are being transported as well? Would the log pack be set at 30,000 points if it is being lifted by a helicopter or a truck? Or if the log packs are being transported that the log pack can only be for a certain amount of supply points?

Has anybody come up with a spreadsheet or a formula for how many supply points it will take to resupply different types of units? Or for that matter the vehicles or troops them selves instead of each individual weapon.

John Osborne

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I'm not certain how the "log pack" interacts in game terms... but perhaps Real Life offers some suggestions.

In Canadian doctrine at least, each unit of sufficiant size (squadron level) carries with it a resupply echelon, the A1 Ech, commanded by the Squadron Sergent Major. The A1 Ech is itself resupplied by the A2 Ech, commanded by the Quartermaster or occasionally the Ops WO, and both Echelons fall under the responsibility of the Squadron Admin Officer.

The A1 Ech typically has an ambulance, a wrecker/fitter, an MRT, a POL truck, an ammo truck, and a general stores truck (mostly loaded with rations, but will also carry items of kit requested in adreps) It carries enough (in theory at least) to replenish the squadron's fuel, ammo, and food - once. It then has to go back to the A2 Ech to resupply.

In the advance, it follows a few tactical bounds behind the fighting units. Typically, it'll set up a "running replen" (almost like a racing pit stop) and subunits will come to it for resupply. In the defense, the day's adreps are sent to the SSM, and he'll deliver them in his truck to each subunit.

The A2 Ech is normally quite a ways further back in some sort of rearward concentration area and doesn't move much; it takes deliveries from Service Battalions. Accordingly, it is often a hour's drive from the A1 to the A2 Ech.

That means that in a tactical game, you can pretty much ignore the A2 Ech. Assume that the A1 Ech carries the ammo loadout to (at most) fully replen it's squadron - and that's all it has. Assume that between scenarios in a campaign that the A1 Ech has made it back to the A2 Ech for resupply and so is fully (or less so) topped up.

So calculate the supply points it takes to fully reload each unit, and assign that (or a lesser amount) to your A1 Ech.

When I say "fully reload" BTW, I mean reload the ready ammo. Vehicles typically carry a loadout of ready ammo where it is easily reached, and a loadout of resupply ammo in external storage. This varies somewhat from vehicle to vehicle, but a LAV-25 would have a full hopper of 25mm, then another hopper's worth of 25mm in cans strapped to the vehicle, and then another hopper's worth back in the A1 Ech. The A1 Ech probably wouldn't have enough to refill the hopper AND the external stores.

The other consideration is that certain types of ammo will be in hot demand, and others less so. For an Armoured Recce unit, the demand will be high for 25mm, 7.62mm, and the vehicle mount smoke and antipers grenades. Demand for 5.56 will be relatively low.

Hope this helps.


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