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phantom orders

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playing night at Cheneux, 5 turns in, and playing the movie and my 75 mm spotter shows rested and he decides to take a walk out into the open and gets shot, not on my orders! then I click done and go to the next order phase, and find that I have a paratroop squad and a HQ with orders to move into the building on the right, and certain death, again not on my orders, what gives, I just installed latest patch and have not had this happem before now. anybody else have orders given by the Phantom?

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Tyro! Can you give some more info, please. Were the spotter, the squad and the HQ in a building? In the open?

If they were outside and you had an AFV driving passed them at night here's one thing that could have happened (happened to me, and others too): Sometimes units that spot a vehicle driving very close along their positions (like if they're located on the edge of a wooded road for instance) attempt to move away from it. Usually not right away, but at the start of the next order phase they'll have outgoing movement lines away from where they saw/heard the vehicle.

One possible explanation for this could be that the unit didn't have the time (it's night, it's dark) to positively identify it as a friendly vehicle, and prudently moves out of the way a little.

I remember starting a thread on this a month ago. The issue wasn't discussed further, so this is only a theory.

Anyway, hope it helps. smile.gif


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This same thing is happening to me in my Chenaux scenario.



First, my opponent had 2 squads rush my road block and get cut down. We thought maybe they went beserk. Next, one of my LMG's just gets up and starts walking, luckily no enemy nearby but they seem to have plotted a move to the map edge. Finally, 2 of my squads in a well-prepared position just get up and start walking to the map edge, unfortunately running right into an american attack.

Is this perhaps a "feature" of night attacks? I've played other night scenarios before and never seen this.

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Same here.

I had two paratrooper squads that rushed the roadblock, certain death, against my orders.

My opponent says that his German squads rushed into the field and were eliminated because they rushed toward me.

My artillery spotted seems to be calling in artillery only when it pleases HIM, and not when I tell him to. I think he's on drugs.


I watched the video for the last turn, and the "sound contact?" shadow of a tank kept poppping here and there in AT LEAST a dozen different places, until finally we were close enough to see the tank. For a while it was really confusing, the shadow was all over the map.

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