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OT: The Kitty Chronicles - An Apology

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I would like to offer a public apology to Kitty for any offense that may have been taken by any of "my" postings in the following thread.


I sincerely assure you Kitty, no offense or harassment was intended as was subsequently asserted. If too much liberty was taken in the name of trying to be funny, then it sprang from the risque nature of the initial picture posting which led me to believe, and apparently erroneously, that we were all on the trail of an ongoing comedy. If I erred in judgement and acted stupidly, then I asked that you please forgive me.

It was never made clear by the few subsequent objections "which" of many postings were the offensive ones in nature, but since I made a couple that could have been misconstrued and may have pushed the envelope, then I sincerely offer up my apologies. My own personal opinion is that I fully welcome females into the wargaming arena and find the idea of their inclusion a most refreshing course of events. I could only wish that more females were interested in our wargame community.

Having said that, I must admit to total shock at the nature of the verbal attack leveled by the moderator in the closure of the thread. While the closure of the thread was indeed an appropriate course of action, the vicious statements asserting that someone, or anyone, was purposely harassing Kitty for purposes of ill-intent or out of some sort of dislike about Kitty's gender were both unfounded and uncalled for.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Okay, regardless of someone's gender they deserve to be treated with respect and decency here and posting pictures of ones self in good fun (those are edited fools) does NOT give anyone the right to insult, insinuate or instigate anything about someone's character. We take a real dim view toward harassment people and this crap will stop NOW!


The statement in and of itself is IMO, an insinuating and vague distortion of the nature of the posts and in and of itself an instigation against someone's character. On another recent thread all manner of ethnic and racial slurs were cast in some ongoing argument about how technically appropriate it is to post such slurs, and the thread was then closed by the moderator with little more than a mild and kindly gesture of how things were getting a little too heated.


<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Okay, since all this thread is doing is getting heated and we have commented on our position regarding a Pacific war version many times in the past its best to close this up.


I dare say that any minorities in our community have every bit as much right as Kitty does, to feel harassed if not directly having their ethnic or racial backgrounds insulted.

I do not mind being corrected when I'm wrong, and I'm an adult and fully able to apologize when I believe I have, or may have made a mistake or may have inadvertently offended someone. But as an adult, I am also fully able to realize when "my" character is under attacked and assertions are being made by someone who presumes to know what someone else is thinking. Then somehow perceives that "they" must take it upon themselves to race to the protection of one member of our community with a vicious attack against what "they" believe is insulting, (Kitty herself never once indicated she "was" offended and even participated in the comedy), while our racial or ethnic minority members somehow do not seem to deserve an equal level of vigorous protection from the same moderator.

If we are going to be fair, then let's try and be fair to everyone.


"Gentlemen, you may be sure that of the three courses

open to the enemy, he will always choose the fourth."

-Field Marshal Count Helmuth von Moltke, (1848-1916)

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Guest Warphead-

The kitty-thread was off-thread even. Most of the horny little fellows thought those were real pictures of Kitty. biggrin.gif



["Haben die Krupp-Werke Betriebsausflug? Da rollt ja halb Deutschland auf mich zu..." (Vincent)]

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Guest Madmatt

Walk a mile in my shoes...

That's all I have to say on the matter and perhaps there was more going on that what you saw posted on the forum Bruno.

However, you said your peace and I respect that, as I did.

This thread is also no longer neccesary and will be locked up.


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