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TacOps Tourney 2003 - take a look


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As I havent heard a lot from this forum (but a lot from others) with regard to the ROLL CALL psot from a few days ago I will put one up with a more clear subject line (sic),

The last TacOps tourneys have (I think) been a success as far as interest and participation is concerned, now I have started to develop the background for the upcoming TacOps Tourney (TT) 2003.

Here is what I am planning to do, and how:

- As we are now in v4 with netplay as one of the features, and as I have always seen the PBM tourneys as a source for learning for all the community and as a means to broaden the base of potential players by encouraging newbies to participate I intend this time not to run a dedicated PBM tourney but one that tests the overall capabilities of players and could be truly called a TacOps Tourney (w/o the PBM bit, making full use of what v4 offers.

- This said, I want to run a v4 tourney in two stages: Stage 1, an elimination round with a number of short and heavily unbalanced scenarios (20-30 game minutes) with a two-legs approach (each player plays each side once) and a point system to evaluate performance ( a bit like in 1999, for details how we ran it that year see Matts 1999 Game Plan , a certain precentage of players with the highest point rating then go to the next stage. This stage 1 will be played in two-players netgame mode. The advantage of this approach is a) that tourney time is reduced and that B) we can have live observers that could take part in the learning and fun, finally c) that this might help to draw a bigger crowd of up-to-now-lurkers to have a go at netgaming...

- The qualified players that enter stage 2 will then hash through some (balanced) PBM scenarios (60 min+) to evaluate two finalists (spectators will have to resort to game replay) who will then play the final game in a multiplayer environment with a referee as host and (hopefully) with spectators.

- Scenarios for the elimination round (stage 1) will test basic player capabilities such as coordination between differnet force types (inf, vehicles, helos, arty), timely execution of plans, defense on the move, extraction of friendly units in hostile environment, engineering exercises, etc.)

- First Scenarios are coming in, check out the Tourney 2003 Scenario Page

- Scenarios for Stage 2 will evaluate complex player capabilities such as the combination of all stage 1 scenario challenges <g>

Now, to allow me to plan with some background I need to have a rough idea how many participants I have to plan for, so here a (yet non-commiting)

ROLL CALL (so far from other forums 26 potential players have shown interest, first 2p-netgame playtesting with 2 scenarios has been completed this weekend):


Please send a mail to tourney2003@eventfoto.com to let me iknow your level of interest.



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The tourney 2003 scenario page 2003 Scenarios

is ready again for those who like to do some training or sandboxing, you can either go to the details pages from there or download the files for either Mac or PC (tourney will be played from saved game files).

I have the 3rd scenario for the elimination round uploaded, a SOF TF NIght Raid into Honduras, this promises to be a real killer...:-> We had a lot of fun during preparation of this one, great sandboxing events and you might want to check it out for out-of-tourney 2p-netgames or PBM two-leg games. I plan to turn this one into a CPX once the Elimination Round has finished (of cause with giving RED some more air to breathe...:->)

Check out the description at SOF Night Raid page , you can dl all necessary files from there as well (incl an INTEL overlay for US with all RED positions and movement directions). Attn Wazza/Henk: A lot has changed, so best read the rules again...:->

Also, the corrected 2nd scenario is availiable again, check it out at Scenario 2 page , makes for some nice netgames or PBMs as well.



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