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King of the Hill

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I had an idea for a new ongoing post. It is called “king of the hill” since whoever wins the most will get to keep posting. It goes like this. The first person to accept the challenge plays me in a quick battle with the following parameters: Combined arms, medium map, no restrictions on units, automatically picked units, meeting engagement, 1,250 points, no handicap and 20 turns. The other settings are up to the challenger (including the choice of sides). The winner gets to post the win and take on the next challenge. Once you have played once and lost you can not re-challenge. Players must at a minimum average 1 turn a day. As long as you keep winning you get to keep posting (hence the “king of the hill”). Points are used to declare winner (so only an exact same score would be a draw). Once a challenge goes up it always is given to the first player to post. I hope this makes sense. Please make a separate post for comments on this since I wanted to keep this to just winning posts & accepted challenges.

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