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Multi-Multi Play Revisited

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First, I'd like to start by saying that being at work while knowing you have the as-yet-unplayed full version of CM at home is the most terrible torture ever conceived...

I was scanning old posts and noticed that an idea was mentioned last year and was never expanded upon, that of cooperative play in CM. I think it would be excellent to have two (Or more) allied players together trying to take on a single opponent or group of opponents. This was ixnayed in the old post because BTS thought it would provide little return, as a player had enough time to set all of his troops up and coordinate an attack but I think it serves a much greater service, that of simulating personality conflicts between commanders and the difficulties involved in coordinating attacks.

Players may end up want to court-martial a few commanders for refusing to lead their platoons on a risky attack. We could open up a forum so that each side could argue their case and use the movies to support it. I know this is somewhat intangible but I wouldn't think the tech would be overly difficult and the reward may only apply to some people but those people would think it was well worth it.

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