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PBEM Prefs & Game Length

Jeff Gilbert

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Not sure is this is a glitch or not.

Scenario: Frolik8 & Gallagher8

We agreed on Pref settings & Scenario length.

Red would set-up and send turn 1.

Blue would receive & set-up, match prefs & time, send back turns 1&2.

In both games the changed scenario length did not stick and reverted back to the scenario's default.

We are trying again with Gallagher8, Blue side starting to see if this continues.

Question1: Does the "order" of who sends first have anything to do with this?

Question2: Is there something in v4 that prevents standard scenario game lengths from being changed in PBEM?

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The real answer will come form Major H... However, the order *may* make a significant difference.

Blue's setting over-ride those of Red.

Second, I think you're doing extra steps (it's been a while since I played a pbem, so there's room for error here):

- Blue starts the scenario, deploys, and sends the orders file. Red starts the scenario, deploys, loads Blue's orders file, watches the turn results, and gives orders for turn 2. Red sends the Red orders for turn 1 & 2 to Blue.

- Blue then starts TacOps, loads the savegame, loads in Red's turn 1 orders, watches the results, give orders for turn 2, watches results, and gives orders for turn 3; Blue then sends 2 & 3 to Red.

And so on...

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Blue's preferences always override Red's.

Option A: Blue changes game length during the first game setup turn while in PBEM mode and then sends his first orders file to Red.

Option B: Blue loads a Blue PBEM saved game file while in two-on-one-computer mode, selects umpire mode, changes the game length, and then saves the game and exits TacOps. Blue then restarts TacOps in PBEM mode, loads the saved game from the preceding step and and then saves/sends an orders file to Red.

Option A is the safest approach.

[ February 17, 2003, 01:54 PM: Message edited by: MajorH ]

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