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Bridge blowing

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OK, I re-did the test, this time six 240mm (or almost same if not available for both Allies and Axis) per side.

After seven turns of constant pounding and I would say about ten direct hits against the bridge (and probably that many nearby), part of the large stone bridge collapsed.

Sounds like pounding it with an 88mm gun uses up fewer resources than targeting a bridge with artillery, since it took twelve artillery observers @ 240mm or above to destroy the thing.

BTW I noticed you can't place a bullseye on parts of a bridge that is above water. You seem to need "solid ground" to place the target.


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I just made a test using a scenario designed by Bullethead.

The wooden bridge blows with ~30 105mm rounds hits.

The "light" stone bridge collapses with betwween 35 and 40 105mm hits.

The large stone bridge took more than 180 105mm hits and no damage is noted smile.gif


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