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No - if you mean the quiet "biddledum" bit.

You can knock off the bugle alert sound by using th Options/Preferences menu item.

You can substitue a short, quiet click sound for lengthy combat sounds and some lengthy admin sounds by selecting the Options/Use Click Sound menu item.

What is the issue with the "biddledum" sound bit ?

[ September 29, 2002, 12:55 PM: Message edited by: MajorH ]

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No real issue Major, I find the sound a little irritating at times if I’m playing small custom scenarios with frequent combat phases and nothing between phases except unit movement and no enemy contact.

To be honest as soon as things liven up and unit orders increase I don’t notice it (too busy wondering why my foolproof plan of action is falling apart in front of my eyes).

Please don’t take my query as a criticism, I would not presume, TacOps is one of only three games that have never left my HD since I purchased Aresenal’s first endeavor quite a few years back (I still have the manual to prove it)

Best wishes,


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