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Concrete bunkers vs. AAA

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1st, it's going to be very rare that a bofors vs pillbox matchup will occur, because since both units have very low/no mobility, they will generally only engage because they both "setup" with LOS to each other.


Sounds like your average QB in hilly terrain.


Well, I have yet to see an average game, since there are so many variables involved in LOS. I'm not saying it's impossible to have a map, where you get you happen to get a setup which results in LOS between an AA and a pillbox. Obviously it happened in your game. But with so many hills and valleys and trees, ect...


2nd. In a head to head engagement, the pillbox generally will render

ineffective the AA before the the AA can get the kill.


Wrong for two reasons. First, the AAA usually enters the battle "Hidden" thus it needs some time to be spotted. 30 seconds can be enough here. Second, if there is another high priority target such as a tank in the area, the TacAI will invariably attack this higher priority treat, giving the AAA all the time it needs.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Did you test this before declaring me wrong? Probably not so I tested this for you.

I'll save the hard numbers but results were as follows...

Both AA and PB start with LOS....

Pillbox won 72%

AA Starts hidden.

AA won 53%

I only ran each test 20 times, so I'm sure the margin of erro is high, but I have a baseball game to go to so can test anymore right now. smile.gif

What does it prove? Getting the 1st shot can be very important. But also important is that the Pillbox can suppress, and then kill the AA faster than the other way around. SO it's much more important that the AA get the first shot to have a chance to live. But then again, almost every unit in the game depends on getting that first shot off faster than the enemy to have an edge. So this isn't exacly a relevation here.

And as far as the the Pillbox targeting the tank example, I'll turn it around and say before the AA can kill the pillbx, a fighter-bomber comes on screen and the TacAI retargets it. Them's the breaks... We can go back and forth describing hypotetical scenarios if you want, but it's pointless. There are thousands of variations of scenarios where the AA will smoke the pillbox, and thousands more going the other way.



3rd. If the Pillbox has any support, then the AA is most likely dead meat.


Wrong again. The supporting units usually don't even have the time to react. I can send you the PBEM turn in question (we cancelled the game anyway because of this) if you'd like.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Once again, is this just a guess? Sure your PBEM file probably shows your supporting units failed to suppress the AA before it could get a kill, but war is hell. That is going to happen.



And if this is a QB, what are the

odds of one side taking pillboxes, vs the other side taking AA guns..


After people get wind of this? 100%. Look at patbovin's post above.


AAA, here I come!!


I have to give this a try, now.


Ok, so Pat is going to give it a try. What hell probably find is that if he trys to use the Bofors as a major offensive weapon, he is going to be disappointed. The bofors is a good AA asset, is incredible defending against infantry, and if it gets the drop on a pillbox, it can kill those too. I don't think that we are going to see anyone developing an effective "Bofors Rush" tactic anytime soon though.

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