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standard map terrain effect parameters


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Hey Major,

Can you post the "standards" as far as coding maps, i.e. the effects of the various levels of "roughness" as well as water and water+woods.

This will help reduce murphy's effects once we start rolling out maps and realize that we've created a 31km x 31km no-go areas.


Semper Fi,



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Guest MajorH

Arrgh ... that is a good idea but I would rather not stop work right now on the upcoming game engine patch in order to write documentation for the map editor smile.gif.

Let me beg off on that for a while.

In the meantime ...

The basic deal with a TacOps map and the map editor is that a given terrain cell [ a 10 pixel by 10 pixel / 100 meters by 100 meters square ] is defined by two values. A 'type or feature' value and a 'movement cost' value.

You give the cells a basic terrain type using the 'Terrain Feature' dialog and then you assign movement costs to the cells by using the 'Movement Cost' dialog.

The terrain 'types' are clear, woods, town, and road.

The movement costs are clear, rough1 through rough4, and water.

Map encoding of the 'types' and 'costs' is pretty straight forward and intuitive except for the road 'type' and for the water 'movement cost'.

There are odd interelations and exceptions in the game engine related to road and or water that will need to be documented by experimentation as I have lost the original coding specs and I am loath to go stepping through the code for those details until I have some other stuff done.


Best regards, Major H


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