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When I played the game I lost several Apache helicopters after zsu-23 fire.The helo's first attacked the t-80 units and then turned to the aaa crew's.These AAA units than had time enough to destroy my helo's.

Normally Attack helo's first spot the surrounding environment for AAA units and take them out,and than they have time to kill the enemy armour.In the Jane's game of longbow this is stressed as very important.

Because it means survivability for the helo.

Am I right or am I just mistaking?

The game itself is very good I spend many hours playing the demo.

Keep up the good work.



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Guest Robert Ingoglia

You have several targetting options:

You can target individual units or individual types of units (like ZSUs).

You also have the option using (I think) the shift and (definitely) the control key to prioritize (yellow and red) the option. Yellow will look first for the type (or unit) and then, if it does not see that type (or unit) and another target presents itself, will shoot at that unit. Red targetting will only (exclusively) go after that type (or unit)...period. Very useful. I usually use a mixture of these targetting strategies during play. Remember too, that you can lock in (for all units) a specific area into which they are to fire (say a valley) -- again using the red and yellow options (exclusive, primary but not exclusive).

Another good trick is to give your Apaches a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of take evasive action if fired upon -- with the loss, of course, of some spotting and hunting.

Try not to keep the helos up for more than 15 seconds (keep 'em moving and popping up).

Like everything else, there are no good guarantees for every situation.

Happy Hunting (I HATE those ZSUs).

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