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Targeting Priorities

Brad Sallows

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I've only played the commercial demo and am awaiting the CF version (I am a Canadian reservist). One feature I've missed as a "task force commander" is the ability to designate target priorities for the overall force by class of weapon/vehicle (in a broad sense). For example, it would be nice to be able to set my force-wide engagement priorities as air defence, APCs, tanks, artillery, etc.

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I've got the Windows Classic version and have played it quite a bit. Others can explain this much better than I can, but, the 'weapons system' of the unit does a very good job of 'picking' it's target. Such as, a tank will fire it's main gun at another tank while it fires it's MG(s) at infranty units (if such targets are available to it). As far as AA, each unit capable and in range, will fire on aircraft with it's AA weapon(s).

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I wasn't thinking about how each weapon/vehicle engages targets. Normally as a force commander one can issue orders for specific assets to be first priority for everyone in the force to engage when a variety of targets present themselves. For example, in some situation you might want all available weapons to engage tanks as first priority, in other circumstances you might want to engage APCs. If you are relying on aviation to take out the bulk of the enemy armour, you might want ground forces to attack enemy air defence weapons before any other target. I would rather be able to designate force-wide target priorities than to micromanage each unit by designating a particular target.

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In general, just let the units pick the targets - that is more realistic than what you are asking for anyway smile.gif

As a task force commander you can tell your guys to concentrate on a particular class of target but when it hits the fan they are going to shoot at the enemy unit in sight that they think is the most likely to kill them in the next 30 seconds.


Best regards, Major H


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