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Aris CMFB Terrain Mod for CMCW

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Well I can never leave any CM games the way they were made, so I thought about going to the terrain Mod Aris made for CMFB and figured why not, if it looked great for CMFB set in western Germany, then why not here? Jackpot. I took a bunch of his ground mods and added them to my Z folder. the main pieces that I took and added to CMCW were the Forest floor tiles, WOW it looked amazing using those tiles around single trees but even better using them in a evergreen forest. If you decide to try you will need to rename those files before putting them into your Z folder. I used the Ground dense forest floor and renamed it ground rocky red, the second was ground forest floor [spring] renaming it ground hard, the last was ground forest floor calling it ground dirt red. I have spent most of my life in heavy forested areas in Northern Michigan, both Pine and Hardwoods. Hunting and walking in these areas for hundreds of hours each year and knowing what the ground looks like, I personally hated seeing grass {green or yellow} or even Weeds as a ground tile for any forested areas. If there is any grass in the woods or pine forests its very scattered, mainly at the edges of the forests or the edges of the dirt roads and tracks, basically where ever the sun shines. I only wished Aris would have made a forest floor tile that had lots of pine needles on it, that would be the icing on the cake for a evergreen forest floor. Aris does a Excellent job and I really love using his mods in my game, so Aris, if your listening, keep up the Great Work and thank you for all the work you put into these mods.

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