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Shock Force 2 - CTD when saving


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Recently started having CTD issues when creating a new save game in SF2.  Started about 120 turns into a user created scenario. It's now continuing in a user created campaign. I can save multiple times no problem then the game will crash on a save attempt. Reload the last successful save game and it will crash on the next save attempt. Then it's a case of reloading the last save and attempting to save again multiple times until it no longer crashes on saving. Consecutive save attempts work until another crash. Rinse and repeat.

I suspect maybe something is triggering after loading the save on certain occasions and this is then causing the  CTD upon saving. That would explain why saving doesn't always cause a crash.

I've removed mods, re-installed the game but to no avail. I also have had no other issues with other games or programs.

If somebody would be willing to take a look at the save that would be greatly appreciated. Just load the save and attempt another save after scrolling around, placing orders etc. If it works first time, reload the original save and make another attempt. If there are no crashes after a few attempts then it must be my PC. I am using the steam version of SF2.



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After some more testing it seems the issue is that I had extended the allotted time for the scenario. There have been no crashes when saving while playing through the scenario with the original allotted time.

Are there known issues when extending the time given through the scenario editor? This is the first time I've run into this issue and I extend the time with every scenario and in every campaign I've played issue free. Although this is my first user created campaign in SF2.

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