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Training Campaign Mission 3 bug?

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In the third mission, the tutorial in the PDF manual tells you to expect the armor contacts from A Company HQ to be shared with 1st Platoon 1st Squad. After three turns of just sitting on top of OP 1, no armor contacts have been shared. Contacts from 1st squad are being shared with the Syrian infantry next to them, as expected. As far as I can tell, there is a broken link in the chain. 1st Squad has radio and PDA link with 1st Platoon, but it seems there is no 1st Platoon. Nothing happens when I click on its link in 1st Squad's unit info. Similarly, clicking on 1st Platoon in A Company HQ's formation list does nothing. Is this a bug and is that why no contacts are being shared down the chain of command? 

Edit: I also now see that the Alt-Z feature shows no link between A Company HQ and 1st Squad, though it does show links with its other subordinates. So I assume this is the reason the tutorial is broken. But is it simply because there is supposed to be a 1st Platoon HQ somewhere and it's just missing from the mission? Or is there something else going on here?

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If no one is recognizing this as a bug, is this normal behavior? It doesn't line up with what the tutorial is saying, but perhaps this has changed from when the tutorial was written? Has there been an increase in the time it takes for this kind of information to propagate up/down the chain?

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Not sure as I didn't play the training campaign / tutorial, or I can't remember. Anyway, if 1st Platoon HQ isn't on the map and thus provides no c2 between it's squads and CO HQ, than that indeed explains no information share. You can however move a squad close to Company HQ, than it will get into close c2 and still provide info sharing.

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