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Beach bum Red Uncle

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Hi all!


I spent a cuple of days over at my girlfriends house and took my tablet with me which has CM Touch and Frontline Tactics (Slitherin). I took a plunge into the Red Uncle Beach scenario and, well no surf was up for me LOL.


I played as the U.S. and made my plan to flank both side as I figured that would be there weakest points, I also sent some units up center beach in order to attrack there fire, there artilliry had no mercy for them! I still wonder whay I had some AT units as I didnt come across any German tanks so I found them a bit useless. I manged to wipe out all there arty except the last one which is way in the back in the victory point, only two units made it there, beside having two of my units **** bricks and panic running away LOL. I only had two turns left with my two units so I lost the battle! As a strange note, there was a cuple of turns that I had with three of my units trying to get to the victory location with one German unit running alongside with them, with no fire between them, I guess they made friends LOL.


Aside from the frendly run together, I just wanted to say that CM Touch is just as challenging as all the other CM module´s!


Nice work Battlefront and thank you for this app!





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