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TacAI... Getting Better?

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I was playing a demo mission from Black Sea and ran into an interesting situation. I ordered a fireteam to cross a street and enter a building, but they were ambushed halfway across. The enemy fire came from a building directly next door to the one they were to enter, and two men died. A fireteam on overwatch immediately began suppressing the building. Then the two survivors ignored my move order and assaulted into the enemy held building, killing the occupants. 


Now, was this just a coincidence? I'm pretty sure since Vietnam SOP for responding to an enemy ambush is to suppress and assault in that manner, but did the TacAI just get lucky? Is that type of behavior coded in for well trained western units?

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The overwatch team is nothing particularly surprising. 50% losses would generally be enough to pin most moving 4-man elements, rather than provoke 'em into aggressive response; that bit's surprising to me. Were the ambushed team of particularly high soft factors? Did they have Fast or Quick move orders?

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Yeah womble, they were crack American engineers with +1 leadership and morale IIRC. It was during the infantry only demo mission for black sea, can't recall the name. I believe I gave them a fast order across the street. They might have tired and changed it to quick though. I agree about the overwatch, that's what they were there for. What I found really interesting is the way the ambushed team moved in 1-2 meter bounds, firing on the seen contact at every pause. They were only about 10 meters away from the contact. Of course this is normal behavior for crack troops with a quick order, but it was interesting nonetheless.


That's what I'm guessing too breeze. It was just funny to see the TacAI really do EXACTLY the right thing for the situation :P earlier in the same mission I lost two men because rather than go in the back door they were next to, a fireteam decided to go 30 meters around a block of houses, into the street, to get to the front door.


I should have taken video. The response looked textbook to me. It would be neat to improve the TacAI to the point where it did things like that on purpose.

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