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Units change speed for last waypoint?

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I've noticed this lately - when the unit (foot) reaches the last waypoint they increase their movement speed one step, so if Move they will change to Quick, and if Quick they will change to Fast.


Is this a bug or intended behaviour? I've considered that it might be in relation to the unit or another unit in the platoon being fired on, but it seems to happen even without fire, and I would think stopping and abandoning the move would be a better choice than running.


It would make sense if it was a short move, then they would be able to quickly get there, but for long moves, if you don't watch them, they will just tire themselves out needlessly. For instance I would move a lot of troops through woods I consider relatively safe, and then for the last waypoint they just start running.


Is this normal behaviour? Couldn't find anything in the wiki about it.




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They will start to run if they get fired upon. Have you tried to zoom in real close and listen if you hear any snaps and pops, or see any visual cues of your troops being fired upon. Does their suppression meter react in any way?

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Ok thanks - just seems strange, if I give them a long walk order then they start running and tire out as well as making themselves more visible in woods and less able to spot enemies lying in wait. They could risk running into enemies instead.


Would be more natural to drop to ground and abandon move if so.


I'll take a look at suppression next time it happens.

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