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How is "Night Watch" supposed to end?

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I just thought I finished the mission "Night Watch" from the campaign "Afghanistan 1980 - The Invasion". I figured the mission would end when the clock reached 0:00, since I was holding back the enemy. The briefing just says to dig in and prepare for the assault, and that I need to hold my defensive perimeter. I've done that. I do have maybe two enemy infantry stragglers still alive on the bridge itself, but the workers aren't there and the briefing doesn't say anything about occupying the bridge, or killing all enemy. How is this mission supposed to end?

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Some missions have variable mission time, the battle can take up to 15 minutes after the regular time is over. If you are playing WeGo, just fast forward until you reach T+15. If you are playing real time, you will have to wait for 15 minutes or try to kill the last two stragglers.

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I completed the mission, this time before the timer hit 0:00. 




SPOILERS in white text:

I think the difference was that this time I spread out a bit and prevented the enemy from ever reaching the bridge itself. As soon as the enemy began a withrawal from the bridge area, basically, they surrendered.

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