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Smoke launch direction

Alexey K

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I've noticed some strange thing with smoke launchers on T-72B3. 

AFAIK smoke mortars are located on turret and should be launched along main gun axis.

But when I order smoke to my tank, it appears along hull axis. 


Is this a bug?



And one more quiestion: are smoke launchers reloadable?

I've seen one Bradley for launch smoke 3 or 4 times.

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Not a bug. To get smoke to go the direction you want, give the FACE order first, then POP SMOKE. If no Face order is given it will pop smoke to unit's current facing.


I don't know if the Brads smoke launcher reloads it's tubes, or just uses another one of the launchers everytime it pops smoke, but units can pop smoke several times. It's a good thing :)

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